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In a Vertigo of Silence

In a Vertigo of Silence - Miriam Polli

I was drawn into this family, who was torn apart by many different issues. Their stories intrigued me, their determination and commitment to the cause, their motivation to continue. They were brought together by circumstances, for their family was no different than any other in those times. Year passed, the chapters filled with hopes, dreams and lessons learned. Marishka (grandmother) was the center of the family. She knew it all, the lies, the affairs and the suspicions for they never made their way past her; she somehow had a way of knowing. It like looking back and seeing a family’s life laid out before you, their paths and how they crossed, so detailed and so vivid. The book is wonderfully done, the author wrote and chose the words so carefully.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Serving House Books in exchange for an honest review.