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The New Family Cookbook by America's Test Kitchen

The America's Test Kitchen New Family Cookbook - Editors at America's Test Kitchen

It’s an addiction. I saw both of the American Test Kitchen cookbooks at the library and yes, I did a bit of hyperventilating before snatching them up. They are my favorite cookbooks and I haven’t laid my eyes upon these editions before but my heavens, both of these books are encyclopedias! Both of these books came in at 6 lbs each and I do have to say after looking at both of these books some of the recipes are repeated in both of them. They each have unique recipes so I am torn at which one is my favorite so I will be putting them both on my “What I really want” list as I am addicted to the American Test Kitchen line of products. The other book The Complete America’s Test Kitchen TV Show Cookbook 2001-2015 is definitely worth taking a look at also.  Inside this 878 page cookbook, you will find around 768 pages of recipes. The other pages inside include an inclusive index, kitchen tips, shopping guide, and conversion tables. I love their shopping guides as they tell what to look for in certain kitchen items when shopping and they tell you what their favorite item is from appliances to peanut butter.   Not all the recipes inside this glossy-paged cookbook have an illustration but there are plenty of pictures in this cookbook and helpful hints to keep you on track while cooking. I love their “notes from the test kitchen” which are thrown in every once in a while and I really love how they add “why this recipe works” with every recipe to let you know the ins and outs of why this recipe is a keeper. There is plenty of other extra fun things added in the cookbook too, like step-by-step illustrations for some recipes, and bright tidbits just for your information. From appetizers, vegetarian entrees, puddings, casseroles, grilling, salads and seafood, etc. you are sure to find some “keepers” in here.