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Kate Triumph by Shari Arnold

Kate Triumph - Shari Arnold

I wish I could run, to feel the emotions and energy that Kate feels when she runs, I want that. She feels so alive and refreshed running and she should as she’s special. Running is one of her secret, one of two secrets she keeps hidden and controlled for fear of drawing attention to herself. See, she’s fast, I mean really fast. Her mother has helped her adjust: their constant moving from town to town, her moral support and the public image they’ve had to construct to conceal her secrets but Kate’s mother is no longer with her. A traffic accident has claimed her life. Such a sad beginning to the novel but Kate’s life is beginning anew. It’s a new school, with new classmates, and Andrew. She’s surprised to learn who Andrew is and is getting acquainted to her new home while at school; the track team for once is excited to have her on board. No longer will her teammates be sabotaging her but rather they will be encouraging her. It was sad to hear how her old teammates tormented her. That had to be tough for Kate to deal with her secret and handle that harassment. Although now in California, she feels someone is following her but why? My adrenaline ran high as she runs through the fog and as the cars crossed through traffic, the book capturing every bit of my attention. Dr. Dolus visits Kate again, intent on her coming to visit him in his facilities. Kate doesn’t understand her mother’s intentions when she visited the doctor before her death. Kate is dealing with many new issues since coming to California, trust being the hardest one to adjust to. Her secrets are coming to light but only a few individuals know the truth. She only wants to have a normal life; she wants to fit in and for that she needs to relax and be accepted.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Patchwork Press-Cooperative in exchange for an honest opinion.