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Nil - Lynne Matson

You’re fortunate enough to land on this beautiful tropical island but unlucky enough to be one of the ones chosen to be a part of Nil. I thought there would be so much more to this book as I loved The Lord of the Flies and teens arriving on a strange island sounded like a great synopsis to me. I was hoping there would be more suspense and drama but this book was so different than what I expected. The feeling was uplifting, urgency and hope as the characters counted off their days living on the island.   Sure, there are negatives about living on the island and stressors for the occupants but for the most part, the characters try to remain hopeful and encourage one another as they go about their days. I enjoyed their how they built a community atmosphere, how they worked to pass on their knowledge to future islanders and how they each performed a job to make The City successful. As things got intense, the occupants gathered together and bonded to try to overcome the issue at hand, some individuals more willing than others. There is romance but to think that their time is limited on the island and how can this romance survive if they survive the island. What would do, if you only had a limited amount of time and found true love? It added pressure to those involved. How they arrive and how they get off the island was just a speculation but as more people arrive, the individuals try to find the logic behind Nil’s game.   Everyone’s time is ticking on the island and the author’s constant reminder of this deadline, creates an urgency for everyone involved. Readers and islanders are on constant alert. You want them to survive, to find their ride home before their time is up because to mark their destiny on the wall is truly a celebration to those remaining.