My Never Ending List

I am an outside person who loves to read and cook. Venturing into most genres my favorites are YA and fiction.


Restart - Gordon Korman

This was a fun read. Chase wakes up in a hospital not recalling anything: his parents, how he got in the hospital, nothing. He has been in a coma after falling off the roof which he got to from his bedroom window. Chase has been diagnosed with amnesia and the doctors are not sure he will ever recall his previous memories or not.


Chase basically has to start over, he doesn’t know anyone and so he is friendly with everyone he meets now. Friends and Chase’s peers cannot believe that this is Chase, as the Chase before the fall, was not like this at all! Chase used to be athletic and great at sports especially football but now he can’t play because of the accident. As Chase goes to school, he realizes that people are staying clear of him and others want him to take part in their bullying. What was the old Chase like that has people behaving the way they are? Chase likes the way his new life is turning out yet what would happen if some of his old memories start coming back, would old Chase return?


I think this would make an excellent read aloud as it brings up some excellent topics to talk about. I love the community service hours the boys do and the individuals that they meet. A great book to read.

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

You Don't Have to Say You Love Me: A Memoir - Sherman Alexie

This memoir surprised me. I was surprised how open, honest and free Sherman was in this novel. I am not one who follows celebrities, reads celebrity magazines to be in- the-know or digs into their past so I know all the juicy gossip so when Sherman starts to talk about his personal life in this memoir, I was amazed to know that his life was less than ideal. I appreciated his openness and his wiliness to share his life with his readers.


He talks a lot about his mother, hence the title and the picture on the cover, inside this novel as she was a unique individual. She was an alcoholic just like his father, only she quit drinking before her death. She knew the ways, the customs, and the stories from the old world, she was their connection to the past and now that she has passed away, their connection is lost. A connection, that they can never replace. At the funeral, Sherman comes to the realization that there were two sides to his mother and this awareness adds flames to the fire that is burning in Sherman over his mother. He has lost her, lost more than he originally thought. He has chosen to live off the rev all these years and that is something that he cannot take back. Again, it is the emotions, the anger, the love and the confusion that runs through these pages that allows me to see his family and how they dealt with life. Sherman’s phrasing repeated over and over again, his “sometimes you just don’t know” comments repeated throughout the novel because in reality, you just don’t know and it’s okay to admit it. I enjoyed how his family size grew as they helped out each other and how their relatives knew they could count on each other in times of need.


I found the following parts of the novel especially heartfelt: When Sherman talks about racism, I could feel his pain in his writing. As Sherman mentions the nurses when he was sick, I especially enjoyed this because sometimes we forget these important people in our lives. I cannot forget the waltz his mother did with his sister. Tears were forming in my eyes as I read this short chapter. After accidently spilling water on her as she was getting a drink, his sister stood their morphine-drugged mother up to change her clothing and sheets. As the sister instructed her where to step and how many steps, mother swayed. ““It’s okay,” our mother said. “I’m dancing on purpose. I want to dance. Dance with me.” It was three in the morning but our mother was awake and she shuffled left and right. “Oh,” our mother said. “We are dancing. It’s been so long since I danced. And I don’t know why nobody asked me. I was a good dancer.” My sister laughed. She was alone in the night with our mother. There was no music. But my sister held our mother closely and shuffled with her. They moved in the smallest of circles. “We only danced for a few seconds,” my sister later said. “But, all the next day, whenever she was awake and had visitors, Mom kept bragging that she’d danced until sunrise.”” I loved this.


The memoir consists of short chapters of poems and narratives. It is a big book, a book that I really enjoyed. Thanks again Sherman, thanks for being one of us.

The Dry - audio

The Dry - Jane Harper

What a fantastic mystery! I loved the slow, steady pace of this story, the way the author showed me the wilting landscape filled with characters who were either willing to step aside so others could take the reins or pushing their way to the front any way that they could just so they could be the leader. I really enjoyed the individuals inside this novel, I was sad to see them go when it was all over.


It had been twenty years since Falk had been to his hometown and today he was attending the funeral of Luke, his childhood friend. Luke was found murdered along with his wife and young son. Luke’s youngest child was the only survivor. Federal Agent Falk only returned home to attend the funerals, silently he was counting down the hours until he could get inside his car and leave. You can feel the tension in the room as they gathered for the three funerals. The evidence had pointed to Luke as the one who killed his family and then took his own life but Luke’s parents don’t understand why? What would make Luke do such a thing?


Falk decided to stay a few days to try to bring closure to the case. Using his career, his ties with the family and the community, he settled right in and he began to dig into the last twenty years. Falk finds that the town is filled with emotions over this case. A few days turn into weeks as Falk feels he is beginning to uncover the truth. The novel digs up another story that occurred with Luke and Falk were school mates. Falk’s presence in town has stirred up deep emotions in the town and his effort on Luke’s case is heating things up with some of the town’s citizens. This story was emotional for me and I found myself yelling as I listened to this audio. Falk tries to be sentimental but I was getting chills as the story started to unwind. Mischievous, intense and moving, this novel, I highly recommend. Bring it on Aaron Falk, I am ready for book #2!


Arrowood: A Novel - Laura McHugh

They vanished when Arden was 8. They were playing outside, when she quickly went around the corner of the house to retrieve something and when she came back, her twin 21-month old sisters were gone. She remembers seeing a gold car, it was moving down the street with her sisters inside, that was the last memory she had of her sisters.


The police investigated the man who owned that gold car but he was clean. His name was Singer and an accusation like that, can be devastating for a person living in a small town in Iowa. Singer is a bitter man, there has been no hard evidence to accuse him of this unsolved crime and now, his life has been destroyed. Josh is a writer who is trying to write a novel about cold cases and wants to include the kidnapping of Violet and Tabitha in it. With a personal connection to unsolved cases, Josh contacts Arden when she arrives back at the family home in Iowa. Arden has recently received the family home as part of her inheritance but didn’t realize what shape the home was in. It’s been 15 years since the abduction, Arrowood, the family home looks almost the same since she walked out the door to go to college. Although Heaney has been taking care of the house, tending to the maintenance while it stood empty, problems still occur.


Not much has changed inside the house while Arden was gone, it is as if time stood still. Josh wants to move forward with his book so he needs to talk to Arden about the abduction, but he has questions that need answers. Arden wants to talk to Singer, she wants her questions answered. Singer wants to ask Arden a few questions. Lots of questions to be answers which leads to reexamining the past. Did something happen in the past that was ignored that should have been addressed?


I thought this novel had a great underlying story but I found the novel to be slow in parts until the end and then I felt everything came rushing out, all the pieces were laid out on the table and they fit perfectly together. I thought the ending was fantastic and I enjoyed how it all came together. I had no inkling on how things would turn out and when the big reveal came, I don’t think there was any hints in the novel for this outcome either. It was such a surprise. I really enjoyed the authors novel, The Weight of Blood as I had a hard time putting that novel down and I was hoping this novel would be the same. I liked that this novel took place in my home state Iowa and that the author referenced many of the stores/restaurants that are in this region. I liked the nostalgia of the novel, how Arden comes back to her childhood home and everything has remained the same. Her childhood room, the furnishings, and the Christmas decorations that were there for her so she can relive her past. I really loved the history of the house, I feel that brought warmth to the novel and put it all together. This wasn’t as good as her first novel but I will continue to look for books by Laura McHugh.

The Troop

The Troop - Nick Cutter

Oh, I so loved this novel. I enjoyed the bond of the scouts and their leader Tim as they ventured onto Falstaff Island. They’d been together for quite some time, Tim being their leader but also their friend and the boys, a diverse handful. Tim realized there probably wouldn’t be many more outing, the boys were growing out of this group and soon they would go their separate ways. These scouts and their leader were not prepared for what awaited them on this camping trip.


A man stumbles in upon Tim and his scouts on their island camping trip. The man is hungry yet the looks of him have Tim questioning exactly what is wrong with him. The flesh of this man is falling off his bones and Tim, a doctor himself, wonders what disease this man possesses. I found it funny that this hungry, disgusting man is polite and had great manners as he inquiries about food. Tim contempt’s how he going to keep the scouts’ safe while keeping this man happy and away from them. Tim begins feeding the man some of their provisions. This man is beyond hungry and Tim realizes they are in deep trouble. Tim steps out and tells the scouts that they should go on their hike without him. There is some arguing but reluctantly they go. On this hike, we begin to see who these scouts really are. When the scouts return, things have taken a turn for the worse at the cabin. I can’t put the novel down now as Tim tries to keep the scouts out of harm’s way but everyone wants to see what has got Tim all excited. Tim, you tried… really did.

What a fantastic novel to keep me up all night! It was entertaining, exciting and fun to read. Very graphic details made the story come alive and made each of the characters unique. I loved the infection and how it thrived. I could feel the adrenaline of the individuals on the island as push came to shove, as individuals fought for survival and as they fought for their own voice. Highly recommend for those who like to read a great thriller.

Child Soldier

Child Soldier: When Boys and Girls Are Used in War (CitizenKid) - Michel Chikwanine, Jessica Dee Humphreys, Claudia Dávila

If he’d only listened to his father, Michel wouldn’t have lost part of his childhood but what he experienced with the rebel soldiers will never be erased from his mind. Michel was five when he was taken with his best friend Kevin by a group of rebel militia while they were playing basketball after school. His father told him to come right home after school but Michel ignored his father words. Military vehicles were a common sight so when they pulled up alongside the court, the boys disregarded them. When boys in ratted clothing emerged setting off their firearms, the boys fell to the ground. Thrown in the back of their trucks with other boys, they went for a ride. They were soon going to be initiated into the militia’s army. Michel tried to stand up for himself but that only led to him becoming the example in the group. The militia used a variety of means to get their recruits to obey including drugs, force, amputation and of course, death. Michel was forced to perform many actions that horrified and ashamed him as the weeks passed in the countryside. Scared, Michel wanted to go home but the recruits were under constant supervision. Finally, Michel sees an opportunity to escape. As he surfaces to the outside world, Michel emerges a changed individual. He is no longer an innocent child, he has a story that no one else has.


I thought this was a terrific graphic novel memoir that communicates a great story. The illustrations were wonderfully done, not overly dramatic but using facial expressions and other means, the story is presented nicely. I liked the variety of text fonts that were used as I thought that added to the drama of the story. It is 1993 and there is political turmoil occurring in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Michel is in the middle of it. I was surprised how young Michel was when this story took place. I felt that Michel’s father placed too much responsibility on Michel’s shoulders as I read this novel. Michel’s father is a human rights lawyer and an activist and since Michel is the only son in the family, his father tells him what he wants him to do should the police arrest him. His father had many good words of wisdom that he tells his son and I had to wonder how far Michel would take his father’s advice, his father was a man and Michel was now a child of eight. I felt these expectations were a bit high for a child so young. I did appreciate how this novel talked about the country before the fighting began and why the fighting is taking place. I felt this knowledge set the story up before Michel’s drama began. I felt a good connection with Michel throughout the story and I felt closure at the end. At the end of the novel, there is a current photo of Michel and a short narrative about what Michel is presently doing. There is also a question and answer section about Boys and Girls in War and what individuals can do about it, which I thought was very interesting and thorough. The author also included a list of a few other resources individuals can check out if they are interested in child soldiers. This graphic novel is worth checking out.

Where On Earth

Where on Earth? - DK Publishing

Fantastic geography, atlas, nonfiction book. I cannot tell you the depth this large book goes into but it is brilliant. There are 6 sections in the book labeled: land,sea and air, living world, people and planet, engineering and technology, and history, and culture. Within each of these sections is subsections breaking down that section. For example, history is broken down into 13 sections plus an introduction. Those sections include ancient empires, mummies, battlegrounds, revolutions, and shipwrecks just to name a few. If I open the book up to shipwrecks, this two page spread show the worlds major shipwrecks with its known coordinates. There's a sentence about each, highlighting it's important facts and it's death toll. There is also a couple captions on the pages about natural and artificial shipwrecks. These pages are printed on glossy paper and the illustrations are nicely done, very realistic and not cartoonish. Bright, bold print which is easy to read and a variety of text fonts make these pages fun to read.


Loads of information inside this book. An index is even in the back, if you need it. I find this book a real treasure. I feel that children from second grade on up will find something inside this book to read and gain knowledge from. This is a book that children will come back to again and again once they get a peek inside and know what's in store for them. From dinosaurs,predators,whales, climate change, tallest buildings, satellites, medieval empires, languages, car racing, roller coasters, there is something inside this book that will intrigue them.

The Orphan's Tale

The Orphan's Tale - Pam Jenoff

I really enjoyed this novel. I feel that although I didn’t love the main character like I should, I admired the secondary characters for who they were and what they stood for. The main character Noa, she frustrated me too much. From the beginning, she wanted her independence but she didn’t have the persistence and zest to back it up. Concealing a Jewish infant, masquerading this child as her own, I felt that Noa needed to have the drive to perform any job that is offered to her which would then provide for their needs. Instead she balks at the job the circus needs her for and she considers her other options. As she is working with Astrid, her attitude becomes childlike and tiring. She puts too much on the line as the story progresses, not just herself but others including Theo, the child she claims as her own. I found myself wanting to know more about Herr Neuhoff, the owner of the circus. This man seemed to have deep motives for what he was doing with his life and I became curious. Each year the circus was losing more money, as the war continued, their route become more constricted, the group that made up his production consisted of an extensive group of individuals, individuals that Herr felt very close but could hurt him and the business considerably. What was Herr Neuhoff all about? I also liked Astrid, I thought she was very genuine and you knew where you stood with her. Yet there was a cautious side about her. Astrid liked to push herself, she tried to make herself a better person and she tried to help others reach their potential. The ending was not what I expected, I didn’t shed a tear which surprised me, as I have heard from many individuals that they cried at the end of this novel. I felt sorry for both Astrid and Noa as the story wound itself down.

Find Her

Find Her (D. D. Warren) - Lisa Gardner

Flora was held captive for 472 days but when she was found, was she really released from the nightmare that she endured? When found, Flora finds herself obsessed with the cases of women who have gone missing, whether it is for closure or revenge, Flora digs deep into these cases until one day, Flora herself once again in the hands of an abductor. There is anger, denial and frustration as Flora tries to figure out where she went wrong, or did she? The frustration, the self-doubt and the humiliation is repeated over and over in this audio as she watches her life repeat itself. Flora quickly counterbalances these thoughts with ideas on how she is going to save herself from this second abduction. Flora struggles with her new predicament. For Flora knows now that she is smarter and braver this time as she has lived and survived a similar experience before and she has also researched and analyzed cases just like the one is living in. Flora needs to gain dominance over this situation but there are other factors that come into play. As I listen to this audio, I feel that it’s a mental game that Flora is having with herself as she deals with her second abduction.

It’s an emotional novel as individuals have to deal with their feelings throughout the novel. Flora has deep connections with her mother and she becomes part of her motivation to survive while her mother keeps her case alive with the authorities. The other missing women, the police, and the subjects behind Flora’s disappearances all bring their drama and excitement to the novel, creating quite a scene. I found myself getting frustrated listening to Flora’s turmoil of self-doubt over and over again. I understand her dilemma but it seemed relentless after a while. I thought the premise of the novel was creative and I liked how the novel was put together. Even though this was part of a series, I thought it was a good standalone as I hadn’t read the previous novels in this series. I like novels by Lisa Gardner and I would like to read other books in the series.

This Is Really Happening

This Is Really Happening - Erin Chack

Mixed with humorous moments and serious instants, I really enjoyed this memoir. To be honest, I didn’t know who Erin Chack was before reading this memoir and now, I am interested in reading more of what she writes. This memoir is written as if she is having a conversation with me, as if we were friends and we were hanging out together and she’s honestly telling me exactly the way life is, she holds nothing back. She’s a writer for Buzzfeed and in her comments in this novel, she mentions some of the posts that she writes for her job. I think these posts are off-the-wall, the topics coming to her from out of nowhere, her audience eating them up as if she contemplated over them for hours.


The topics she covers in this memoir are broad. She talks about her cross-country trip with her two friends where they never knew where they were staying each night. Traveling light in a car, the three friends stayed with other friends and family or camped out. Their encounter with the wildlife was hilarious for me as I read it, but not so much for the three of them. I found myself laughing out loud as she describes her first urban peeing experience and her menstrual cycle. These hysterical moments of her life were real, her writing is fantastic as she describes her life events in the novel and she makes me see her as a person, a person like me and you and that life can be funny. Erin was diagnosed with cancer at a young age and she talks about this throughout this memoir, both on a serious note and a happy note. Her story about the “event’ when she got her head shaved gave me chills. The way Erin described the pink towel draped her shoulders, her neighbors, and her hair rolling around on the patio was such a beautiful scene, I loved it. What happened afterwards with Sean and her mother, I wasn’t expecting but Erin words painted the situation perfectly.


I thought for being a memoir, Erin wasn’t overtrying to sell herself to make her stories funny or likeable to her audience. The stories weren’t heavy on the drama or loud and showy, they felt genuine and wholesome. The stories weren’t centered on a theme but were stories of her life, they showed she was real, things that truly happened to her because these things really do happen to people, to normal people. I was really glad I picked this memoir up.

Final Girls

Final Girls - Riley Sager

So, what exactly is a final girl? A final girl is the last woman standing at the end of the horror show but these ladies where the only individuals who walked out alive from three separate multiple homicides that gripped the nation. They were Lisa, Samantha and Quincy. Beautiful women who endured while others around them perished. They had each survived an unspeakable nightmare, each of them now carrying their own story, a story that made them all survivors yet they were victims too. Together they were united, a common bond held them together and there was hope of getting these women together so they could talk and share with each other, but it never materialized. When the news of Lisa’s death comes, they were told it was suicide. The press is hot on this news and they do not back down. She was first Final Girl and it was thought that she had come to grips with her past. The girl’s detailed accounts of their experiences are each relived and I feel what they each encountered years ago. There are twists and turns as their stories are rekindled, as no stone is left unturned. There is a mystery to be solved and somewhere in the past, the answer could be buried there.

Thank you NetGalley and Penguin Group Dutton for providing a copy of this novel to me in exchange for a honest review.

We Come Apart

We Come Apart - Sarah Crossan, Brian Conaghan

They’re both doing community service together. Nicu tells Jess that his family is a pain in the ass too but he bets that she doesn’t wish for any of them to be dead. They both look at each other. How could you respond to that? As Jess later opens up and starts to tell Nicu her secrets, she doesn’t reveal them all. Nicu responds back and he feels that he has a friend in Jess but it isn’t until later that he realizes what type of friend she really is. Nicu is here in England with his parents so they can earn enough money to afford a wife for young Nicu. The money is all they need and once they obtain it, they will return home to Romanian. Nicu likes England and would like to stay but his father feels that people in England only look at skin color when looking at Nicu and individuals like him. Nicu sees his future as hopeless.


Jess is great with Nicu when it is just the two of them but if there are others around, she is horrible. Nicu is terrorized and bullied constantly and it was hard reading this novel for all the harassing he received. Verbal and physical abuse occurred constantly and Nicu knows that Jess is watching this occur, he knows she does not say a word. This hurt me to know that he was being tormented by his peers while a “friend” was just watching and not doing anything. His reaction and what he said to her shocked me yet this was Nicu. Jess is dealing with problems at home with her stepdad and when Nicu learns of these, the two become even closer. Things start to change in the novel and I began to have hope that their lives will change, that their situations will improve and something positive will occur between the two of them. The ending, it was sad. Not because things didn’t work out, it was sad because of the way things fell into place. It all happened for a reason.


This was an interesting read. I got very emotional as I read the harassment that Nicu endured, it was upsetting that he had to endure this and no one stopped it. I mean, no one stopped it! I felt sorry for Nicu in school as he struggled to make it and no one stepped in to help him out. I felt that I was missing part of this story as I read it and I wanted to know more. I struggled with the shoplifting incident as if it happened the one time and never again, the issue with her parents and where that went, why no one helped him at school (no one) or did they chose to ignore, the choosing of his bride and the story behind that, there just was a lot of things I thought were missing for me in this novel.

The Complete Persepolis

The Complete Persepolis - Marjane Satrapi

At the age of 6, she was sure she was the last prophet. When I read this, it put a smile on my face, this was a girl who had a dream, she saw the world around her and saw her place in it. This was Satrapi, an Iranian girl who lived in Iran before the revolution. When at the age at 10, she was told to wear the veil, she didn’t understand why, like many of them, but she abided by the rules and consulted God daily, keeping her faith hidden. Distress and chaos shatters the city as days turn into weeks, the weeks never ending as the fighting continues. Satrapi attends a demonstration, a history lesson is told, I feel that Satrapi finally begins to understand the multitude of the situation that she is living in. Grandma arrives and begins telling stories of the past, a strong bond is created between these two. Friends are leaving the country yet her parents refuse to leave, “everything will be alright……..” is repeated over and over again as if somehow saying this statement will result in it coming true. Satrapi suddenly becomes this different person, she’s authoritative, a leader, she becomes rebellious yet there she is, sticking up for what’s right. I liked this period in her life, she was all over the place, trying to find her way in her chaotic world. She wasn’t afraid of speaking her mind, of being the odd man out, she did what she thought was right and didn’t back down. There were times I was proud of her and other times, I questioned her and what she stood for.


At the age of 14, her parents send her to Australia, claiming they will meet up with her later, yet she knew they would not be coming. They were trying to protect her. In Australia, Satrapi arrives and moves around a few times until she finds a place to call her own. Satrapi had lived quite a life already and some individuals were interested in her past while others harassed her because of it. I liked the transformations that she makes during this next phase of her life, both physical and mentally. There was such a variety and she never stopped moving. From the age of 6, we knew she had determination and now, we see that she still has this inside her as she tries to make a life in Australia by herself. An interesting graphic novel memoir that I am glad that I picked up.

You Wouldn't Want to Be on Apollo 13! (Revised Edition) - Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine Ian Graham

So why wouldn’t I want to be on Apollo 13? I thought these series might be a great way to get children interested in history as they explorer events from the past but in a different light. Like me, some children enjoy looking at events in a nontraditional way and this series sounded like it would provide that. It covers events from being at the Boston Tea Party, being an Egyptian Mummy, a Polar Explorer, a Pyramid Builder and a Greek Athlete, just to name a few. These are hard cover non-fiction books with bright amusing and serious drawings on shiny, thick paper. There is a topic heading for each two-page spread with a variety of text fonts on these pages and loads of information to read. The text is educational and informational, geared for the child who wants to learn more or is curious.


I was on Apollo 13 overload by the time I finished reading it, there is a lot to digest inside this book. From getting ready to board the spacecraft, to the different part of the spacecraft, to the big day, being in space, to the problem Apollo 13 had, to Mission Control, etc., this book walked me (an astronaut) through every step of the way of being an Apollo 13 Astronaut and why I should stay home. I thought it was interesting the timing of everything, the countdown, how precise they were. The cost of the spacesuit, now that is crazy! I did learn more about the Apollo 13 mission then I previously knew. Overall, I thought it was a great book about the Apollo 13 Mission, I would have liked more interesting or fascinating facts about the mission, about astronauts or space as I thought it really lacked in that department. It is definitely not lacking in the information department.

Words in Deep Blue

Words In Deep Blue - Cath Crowley

I loved the idea of the bookstore in this novel. Henry’s parents own a secondhand bookstore and I could see Henry owing that bookstore one day. I could see the regulars coming in, talking and browsing during their day. I can see the garden with the tables covered with games, the door off to the side leading into the bakery in case you need something to drink or eat while you are reading. I could see the couch located in the fictional section that Henry’s sleeps on at night surrounded by novels, stories read and unread. It’s the Letter Library that I find interesting. Extra copies of novels, set off into their own special section here in this bookstore, where individuals can write notes, circle words or write letters to others. Oh, the stories these novels would tell.


I was sad when Henry’s parents talked about splitting up. It’s devastating to the family structure but what about the life of the bookstore. His father lived and breathed that bookstore while his mother ran the numbers, she knew if the bookstore was actually on life support or not. Everyone in the family has a vote in the matter and his sister will vote the same as Henry. Henry loves the bookstore but then there is Rachel. Now back in Henry’s life, Rachel is shedding new information that should have been said years ago. It gets complicated when I felt it really was plain and simple but individuals are trying too hard, communication is lost, and some individuals cannot be trusted. It’s a cute novel about loss and romance.

Every Exquisite Thing

Every Exquisite Thing - Matthew Quick

What I liked most about this novel is when Nanette finally begins to stand on her own two feet. She has always done what is right, been the perfect person and done what is expected of her. But when Nanette is given a novel by her teacher, this novel changes something inside her. The novel, The Bubblegum Reaper, was an older novel which Nanette instantly falls in love with. Her enthusiasm and passion for this novel was understood and appreciated, as I have felt the same way for a few novels that I have read. Reaching out to the author, Nanette wants answers to the questions that she has pertaining to the book but the author is reluctant to discuss the novel. Nanette does not back down and I enjoyed Nanette persistent probing and inquiring of the author over this novel. If I were in Nanette shoes, I don’t’ think I would be able to walk away either without giving it my all. It’s funny but as Nanette mentions the book, how many people have read it which leads to many discussions. These characters help her discover how to unlock her true identity, some of them just by who they are.

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