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I read almost every genre & I enjoy venturing into unfamiliar territory. As a library volunteer, I'm constantly bringing home novels. Being a substitute teacher, I read lots of YA & children's books.  

The Perfect Mother

The Perfect Mother - Aimee Molloy
As I listened to this audio, I was almost jealous of the May Mothers as they gathered together. The tie that bound these mothers together was the month that their babies were to be born in. Other than that, these were mothers/women who were committed to getting together with each other, to socialize. When its finally suggested that these women take a night out for themselves without their children, the novel really picks up.
Each May Mothers had their own agenda for their night out together. They’re finally getting some time to get to know each other personally, as the night starts to slip by. They’ve become a unit, these May Mothers. They’re no longer separate individuals but they’re united and they look out for one another as if they’ve been friends for years.
This casual, fun-filled night comes to a halt when one of the mother’s babies is reported missing. What!?! What happened? I loved how the characters flew into action. Comforting, questioning, pondering, and investigating when it seemed like the authorities weren’t doing enough.
I had a few ideas floating around in my head as the investigation was underway but the ending was a surprise to me. I hadn’t planned on that. I liked how the women came together and how their relationships evolved in the novel. This was more of a mystery novel to me than a thriller as I didn’t feel the intensity or any sinister feelings while listening to it. I did enjoy listening to it.



Rebound (The Crossover 0.5) - Kwame Alexander, Ron Butler
I loved the grandparents in this novel especially the grandfather. I felt that I could almost hear what he was going to say before he even said it. Charlie thought his life at home was rough but when he found himself spending his summer with his grandparents, he soon realized that living at home wasn’t so bad.
Perspective, it was interesting to see how Charlie’s perspective changed throughout the novel. Great relationships in the novel and there’s not a lot of “preaching” in this novel to get the points across. His objective nature began to change by itself. A powerful, motivational novel that uses sports and friendships to reach its audience.



The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

I'm listening to this audio in my car and I had to pause it, as what she said, hit me hard. As I thought about her comment, for it applies not only to Charlie’s sister whose boyfriend in the novel hits her but to many relationships.  I’m really enjoying this novel.  


    “ We accept the love we think we deserve.”

The Perfect Liar

The Perfect Liar - Thomas Christopher Greene
What was that?!? This story was crazy good! This novel had some weird twists to it that I wasn’t expecting. Although, I really didn’t get to know the main characters very well in this novel, I really enjoyed it. I liked that there weren’t a lot of characters in this novel. My initial thought was that Susannah was a person who liked to be taken care of and that her husband Max, preferred it that way. Susannah has a teenage son that she leans upon.
The family has just moved into their new home which came with Max’s new job. As Susannah returns home from a run, she finds a note on their door which alarms her and she phones Max who is traveling for work.
Flashing back, we get the story of Max, who took to the streets at age sixteen. Max’s story is quite interesting and we learn a lot about him.
As the stories converge, Max believes that he knows who left the note that Susannah found on the door. Max attitude of “taking care of it” seems to relax Susannah, who has been upset about the note. How he does that, is another issue. The story becomes intense at times, as events surrounding this couple, become puzzling and unexpected. The author does a fantastic job throwing in twists and turns and I was left wondering who was safe.
This was a great suspenseful novel with a lot of anticipation throughout it. It also was a quick read.



Dig - A.S. King
I have to say that this novel had the most unique characters I have read about in a long time. Their actions and just their names had me shaking my head quite a few times as my head and my heart were battling it out. My heart quickly took control in the second half of the novel as all the pieces of the novel came together. Just like A.S. King’s other novels, this novel had some terrific messages to tell.
There were quite a few characters to keep track of in this novel but they were worth it. I kept a cheat sheet as I read so I could keep them all separate. Some characters stood out more than others and I took a liking to a handful of them.
There was The Freak, who watched individuals from a distance. She left her dysfunctional family and now, she just wanders. People like her, I think, know more than what we give them credit for. She comes and goes as she pleases. From some of the things that she says, I think she’s different. There was also The Shoveler. I really felt sorry for this guy. New to town, he hangs out with his neighbor who is single. The Shoveler lives with his mom but he’d really like to know who his dad is, I mean he’d REALLY like to know. After shoveling with his neighbor one day, he decides that his neighbor has a lot of shovels and he takes one. He shovels with the shovel and he ends up carrying the shovel around with him, hence the name.
There is Loretta who I feel, lives in her own little world. Inside her lunchbox, she keeps her own little sideshow and she spends hours with these little guys. She also must keep them fed. Loretta also has a side business which she runs simultaneously while working on Sunday nights at the Arby’s drive-up. This girl just cracked me up! The last character I would like to talk about is Marla. Marla was the grandma and my heart broke for her. She tried so hard to be perfect and for what? The holidays and her house, she tried to make everything just right. She also tried to show everyone what a caring person she was and it was wearing her down. No one noticed, no one cared, and she knew it and it upset her. I wanted to reach inside the book and just hold her as she searching around her room trying to find a place to sit, searching for somewhere she could relax without disturbing “her perfect” room, where was her happiness?
Here were all these individuals, these people who seemed to be doing their own thing without any clear connection to others around them. It was interesting how once, one connection is made, the other individuals in the novel fall into place. I loved page 326, this whole page spoke to me and I had to read it a few times as the emotions were raw and real.
It started out as a strange novel but A.S. King again provided us with another fantastic novel. Not everyone will enjoy this novel, but those who do will enjoy King’s talent.


It's a circus

Dig - A.S. King

What a crazy read.  I absolutely adore A.S. King's novels and when I heard she had a new one coming out, I signed myself up to get it as soon as the library got their copy.  I'm about halfway through the novel and the characters in this novel are the most interesting and unique individuals, I have read about in a long, long time!


I can't wait till the story comes together because that is going to be interesting to say the least.    I just finished reading about Marla. Marla is a grandma and she's been married to Gottfried for 50 years.  I really think that Marla has too many hangups for being close to 70 years-old.  She wants everything to be so perfect yet it seems no one really cares besides her.  She tries so darn hard at everything: the perfect house, the perfect present, the perfect hiding spot for Easter eggs and then she gets upset when no one notices or makes a big deal out of it.  I just want to hug her and tell her to stop and chill. "Marla, what makes you happy?  Don't try to impress others, what do you want?" 


Oh, what a interesting novel, I just can't stop thinking about it.  Then, someone has quite the operation going on at the Arby's drive-up window.  You don't need to meet someone in a back alley anymore.  It happens on Sunday, just say the right words through the Arby's speaker as you order your food,  pay the money and  pick up for sack of goodies.  Back to reading...

The votes are in ....

Thank you for voting for my final novel for Snakes and Ladders.  My final novel will be Watcher in the Woods by Kelley Armstrong.


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Shout - Laurie Halse Anderson
If you have read Speak, you know how Laurie can write. You know that she writes from the heart and what’s real, and this novel is no exception. This novel is not one that can be power-read at least, not for me. Laurie talks to us now about her own personal life, about her own issues and her stories are no different.
You can’t help but feel the emotions that are present in each of the pieces that Laurie writes. There were a few pieces that I reread as they really spoke to me. I enjoyed the whole novel but I felt that her work in the second part of the novel was exceptional. These poems felt emotional charged and the energy flowing through them, surged. A fantastic novel by Laurie and I appreciate that she shared a personal side of herself with her readers.


Patient Care

Patient Care: Death and Life in the Emergency Room - Paul Seward
I’m glad that I listened to an audio of this novel, as some of the medical terms and jargon that was used, I know that I would’ve had a hard time pronouncing had I read the novel. I enjoyed listening to this novel as Dr. Seward recalls his medical practice and he shares stories about working in the ER.
Seward describes some of his most interesting cases that he has had the opportunity to experience in his lifetime. These cases are not always his most successful cases but they’re ones that meant something to him. The novel teaches, the novel shows you what it is like to be on the other side of the table, and the novel shows you the emotions, that are not only one-sided. Great book and a short one also.


Library Week

This week my library was celebrating Library Week.  They also were celebrating the volunteers at the library too.  

Normally, they just make some posts on Facebook about Library Week but this week, there were bookmarks, bumper stickers and blank note cards. You could write a note to our higher-ups, thanking them for their support (with their legislation) and they had a table set up with various writing media to use or/and you could just take some for personal use.


For Volunteer Week, we got a tableful of snacks and a coupon for a free book from Friends of the Library. There also was a large poster where we check-in at, that totaled all of our hours for 2018 in the different areas that we volunteer in, some pictures of individuals volunteering, and the individuals in the “100 Hour Club “ for 2018. I also got some nice personal thank you slips from some of the librarians.  I like seeing how many hours we volunteers contribute for the year to the library. I am amazed what we contribute.


When I walked in this week, they were telling me that I was the winner which confused me.  There was some joking around and finally they showed me the large poster where I had the most hours of any volunteer last year. I volunteered 298 hours in 2018.  I know I do a lot of different programs but I didn’t realize I did more than anyone else.  I enjoy what I do, and I’m glad that they appreciate us. 

Little White Duck

Little White Duck: A Childhood in China (Single Titles) - 'Na Liu',  'Andres Vera Martinez'
I really liked this graphic novel and I have a feeling by looking at the cover of it, many children will not be picking it up. The cover is really not very attractive. Inside this cover, there’s eight, great, short stories about living in China during the mid-1970’s.
I liked how the author gave a first-account of her life in China as a young child. The novel begins with her younger sister getting the opportunity to attend school since only one child per family was allowed. I thought it was interesting the difference between a family name and a given name and how they used them.
There were many things inside this novel that I thought were interesting as I read them. I appreciated how the author included some history into the novel both personal and historical. I feel that the novel includes a great deal of information and I learned quite a bit about China from reading this it. The information presented wasn’t all personal in nature, but included the traditions and routines of the country and her family’s involvement in them.
The graphics were easy to follow, they were at-the-most-part big and the text was easy to read. I thought the colors used in the text, just like the cover, was a bit on the drab side. There were a few pages that were colorful, but most pages carried an olive green or dull yellow tint to them. I can’t say enough about the content of this graphic novel, it was excellent. Pick this graphic novel up for the content and for the illustrations, imagine your own color in it. 4.5 (.5 off for the color issue)


Carl and the Meaning of Life

Carl and the Meaning of Life - Deborah Freedman
Poor Carl! Carl was living a happy, content life until one day a field mouse came upon him and asked Carl a question which he didn’t know the answer to. Carl never knew why he did, what he did but now, the question was out there and he needed an answer.
Carl talks to many animals as he makes his journey. Crawling over many miles, Carl’s tone begins to change as his journey is beginning to take forever. Everyone that Carl is talking to seems to know their purpose except for Carl. Finally, when Carl hears the cry of a beetle, he gets the answer to his question.
I love how the author put this novel together. It’s not a fact-telling story, it’s a story about helping others and being part of a larger picture. It’s about a community, about being needed and how each individual is important. I liked the simplicity of the illustrations. They were beautiful to look at and I enjoyed watching Carl as he traveled over the fields.



Supers (Supers #1) - Frédéric Maupomé
Oh, I’m definitely going to stick by this series. I really enjoyed this children’s graphic novel as it had a lot of great feels to it. An explosive beginning, an interesting and intriguing story and a conclusion that makes me want to read more.
This graphic novel begins with, literally a large building on fire. Someone is missing as the building goes up in flames. There are two masked individuals running around inside the building and suddenly, they hear something. Was it the person they were looking for? We don’t know, for the fire explodes and the story flashes back in time.
It’s now four days earlier and we’re introduced to Matt and his two younger siblings. They’ve all just had their first day at their new schools. They seem like typical children yet they’re not human. They’ve come from another planet and they’re trying to fit in. They’ve been abandoned by their parents and unfortunately, Matt is the only one who has memories of the parents.
Matt, Lily, and Benji also have special abilities. They would fit right in with the Super Heroes, if they could. There’s a conflict among the siblings on whether they should use their specials talents or not. What if the humans find out they have special abilities, what would be the complications? Is it worth it?
I found plenty to enjoy about this graphic novel. I thought the issues these siblings had to deal with were real and although the siblings were not human, the issues were ones that anyone could identify with: being new, being picked on, having siblings, having to weigh your options, and emotions. I also liked the ending of the novel; it was a nice cliffhanger. It wasn’t a huge one but one that intrigues me enough to want to pick up book #2. I also liked the sibling’s relationships. It wasn’t perfect. It was filled with tension, arguing, respect, fun and love. It felt real. The illustrations and the flow of the novel was fantastic. The novel had a nice feel to it and it was entertaining. I can’t wait to see what happens to Matt and his siblings in the next book in this series.


When the Sky Fell on Splendor

When the Sky Fell on Splendor - Emily Henry
It was just the six of the them out driving around when it all began. Nick noticed something strange by the bridge and Levi thought he saw it too but they ignored it. They had more important things to attend to, for their time together was coming to an end. They had a few episodes to film before summer was over.
The abandoned house was perfect. Its legacy left some of the cast members tense as they began filming. Unexpectedly, out of nowhere, the night sky is lit up and the group finds the sky streaked with bright lights. It seems to be a meteor shower. As fast as it started, the lights stop. The sky goes dark. There’s noise. Loud noise. The group tries to understand, exactly what that noise is. There was a rough-scratching sound, like grinding metal which ended with a loud explosion.
Using their flashlights, the group races towards the sound, only to find their dog nearby and the most usual sight that they could image. As Levi records the image with his camera, the group tries to make sense of what they are seeing.
So, what was this thing they found that night? Why do The Ordinary’s feel different after that night? After the group posts their video on the internet, it seems everyone has their own opinion of what it is and what they should be doing.
The characters and the town have had a lot of misfortune which played a part in this novel. It’s not a depressing novel but an important part of the novel. I thought the mystery element of the story was fun. I felt like I was going one way with the story yet I was waiting for something else to come along and change the story. This was a unique book and the ending was not what I expected. It was an entertaining read and one that I was glad that I read.


I did it !!

I did it!  Finally!!  I will not admit how long it took me but I finally made my first survey, ever!  I will tell you that I tried in 2 different softwares and found that SoGoSurvey software was the one that liked me the best.  We were the perfect match for each other tonight.  


Here is my Snakes &  Ladders square 100 options for you:  





And so you wonder....where is her board?  Did she really play the game?  I did but I am not the smartest with computer technology and these past few months have not been the best in my world so my friends, this is another issue.  I put my board on Word (which was the fastest and easiest thing I could think of) and then realized that Word does not like to be copied and pasted on here.  Now, I think I might just have to insert a link to my board.  My board is not exciting as my wizard slowly made his way around the board with my usual one roll of the die BUT I did play and that I am excited and thrilled to be a part of!  


Please make your way to the link above and mark your choice on which of the four books I should read.  I will be looking at my votes next Monday night.  Thank you all!

Halloween With Morris and Boris

Halloween With Morris and Boris - Bernard Wiseman
Ok, I'm a big Morris the Moose fan. I think he's just as funny as Amelia Bedelia. He gets words or ideas twisted up inside his head and well, he just says what he thinks. What he ends up saying is prety silly and someone is usually there to help correct him.
In this small holiday picture book, Morris is with his good friend Borris the Bear and Morris wants candy. In the beginning, Boris tries to explain to his friend what Halloween is, as there are Jack-O-Lanterns and children outside going trick-or-treating. Boris has his hands full trying to explain all the different things to Morris about Halloween but when he mentions candy, Morris wants to play the game, Trick-or-Treat. They need to find costumes and soon, the two friends are on their way, knocking on doors, trying to get some treats. It's a fun little book that I think is comical and talks about Halloween.